Ian Watson's Team

Ian Watson's team of trainers are the best in Queensland and it's this team that makes Ian Watson's the best driving school in Queensland. If you want to join the Ian Watson's team visit the employment page. All teachers/trainers/assessors at Ian Watson's hold a Certificate IV in training assessment.


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Ian Watson ~ Director

Ian Watto Watson - Founder and Director. Ian started his driving school in 1989 and it has grown to become Queensland's biggest and best truck and motorcycle school. Ian Watto Watson is also known as the great encourager and has a big heart for people. ian@ianwatsons.com

Luke Watson ~ Trainer & Admin

Luke Watson is an educator in every sense of the word and is Ian's youngest son. Luke has been working in the family business for over 15 years and his understanding of trucks, motorcycles, teaching and learning cannot be matched in the driver/rider training industry. Luke is the most qualified truck/bike trainer in Australia and holds a Bachelor of Education; Graduate Diploma of Theology in Education and a Master of Education and is currently studying for his fourth University Degree part-time at RMIT. luke@ianwatsons.com


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Alex Twining ~ Motorcycle & Truck Trainer

Alex started training vehicles when he was in the transport corps of the Australian Army and as such, has a very proven method of instruction. Don't think he's all bark though, Alex has found that having a calm, friendly and humorous rapport with a student encourages learning at a more efficient manner.  A passionate motorbike rider on and off the track, he thoroughly enjoys passing on skills to others. alex@ianwatsons.com

"Had the pleasure of doing my R's with Alex on Sunday. Made the day feel more like a cruzy ride rather than a test. While making sure we had all the relevant information and knowledge needed. Highly recommend to everyone." ~ Tyson M, R class motorbike course

"Stress free learning environment, very encouraging and Alex was the best!!" ~ Kacie Q, HR licence

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Alain Francois ~ Motorcycle Trainer

Alain is an experienced motorcycle instructor and teacher. Alain holds a Bachelor of Education and has work as a motorcycle trainer fro over 20 years. He is passionate about adult education, enthusiastic and committed to sharing his knowledge of motorcycling and safety. alain@ianwatsons.com

“extremely knowledgeable; patient; clear communicator; engaging; interesting and professional.” ~ Ted QRIDE student

Nick Brook-Wilkins ~ Motorcycle Trainer

Nick, is an experienced rider trainer. His colleagues call him "Top Trainer" as he can get the job done with the minimum amount of fuss, and to the highest level needed. Very thorough with his training, whilst demonstrating patience and encouragement and a fair amount of fun. Nick's aim is for each and every student to be able to control and handle the bike to a good level and to enjoy the learning process. When Nick isn't training his students, he is a student himself - studying at TAFE. Nick enjoys pushing himself to be able to control a bike to the next level, using his skills in a closed controlled environment to perform stunt work. nick@ianwatsons.com

Simon Gugenberger ~ Truck and Motorcycle Trainer

Simon is know as the Gentleman of the Motorcycle Training Industry - respected by peers and adored by students primarily for his enthusiasm and passion for road safety and training. Simon is our SENIOR-TRAINER and has been training for over 10 years. He is a patient and extremely encouraging trainer that loves to pass on his skills to learners of all levels of experience. simon@ianwatsons.com

Rachel Crookall ~ Admin

Ian Watson's niece and God-daughter, Rachel has been involved in the family business since 2007 and her speciality is motorcycles. Rachel is the friendly, helpful and informative voice at the other end of the phone when you call Ian Watson's 1300 786 088 or 1300 99 70 50 ~ but if she doesn't answer your call immediately - rest assured, she'll call you back ASAP. rachel@ianwatsons.com

Piers Lummis ~ Truck Trainer

Piers is the elder statesman of the Ian Watson's team and knows each truck in the fleet from top-to-bottom and can help you learn how to drive a truck - like a pro! Piers has loads of wise words and helpful tips about driving trucks and is passionate about helping students pass their driving test and won't rest until you have passed your driving test. piers@ianwatsons.com

Anihira Coe ~ Admin

Anihira arrived at IAN WATSON'S Motorcycle School as a motorcycle student in 2016... and they never let her go! Ani quickly joined the Ian Watson's team after being a part of the Ian Watson's learning experience - and has become the kind, friendly and helpful person you talk to when you call 1300 786 088 or 1300 99 00 66. anihira@ianwatsons.com

Darryn Jennings ~ Motorcycle Trainer

Darryn Jennings lives and breathes road safety and has many years experience helping drivers and riders increase their skills and knowledge and be better and safer riders and drivers. darryn@ianwatsons.com 

Russell Wilson ~ Motorcycle Trainer

Russell Wilson is kind, supportive and friendly bloke - who also happens to be a top motorcycle riding and car driving instructor. Mr Wilson became a trainer/assessor after driving trucks and motorcycles for 37yrs. Russell's primary focus is to ensure students gain basic riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills, instil appropriate riding attitudes and a safety mindset.  russell@ianwatsons.com

"I found Russell to be very easy to get along with. Well educated on bike knowledge and skills. Pleasure and fun to learn from, will be recommending him to anyone who is looking for a genuine instructor ." ~ Chris Q-ride  (RE) course

Candita Hamblin ~ Motorcycle Trainer

Candita can help you get through your QRIDE course and get your motorcycle licence in a student-centred no-nonsense way. Candita's aim is to make you a safer and better rider. Owner Operator at Candita's Motorcycle Training. Australian Driver Trainers Association Qld Inc. (ADTAQ) Director. Gladstone Observer Columnist. candita@ianwatsons.com