QRIDE Assessment Courses and Motorcycle Training

Motorcycle Training and Course Costs

  • $56 per hour for one-on-one, student-centred lessons

  • $288 Q-RIDE Pre-Learner (One Session)

  • $336 Q-RIDE RE Course

  • $196 Q-RIDE R Course

  • $156 Rider Refresher Course

  • Costs include use of training materials, motorcycle, jacket, helmet and gloves

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How to get a Motorcycle Licence

The Steps to Follow to get a RE Motorcycle Licence

Step One >> Get your RE(L). If you don't have an RE(L) right now - then you'll first have to complete a Pre-Learner QRIDE course.

Step Two >> Learn how to ride (if you know how to ride jump to Step Three). If you don't know how to ride or only have a little experience then we can help you increase your skills and confidence and help you prepare to meet all the requirements of the QRIDE assessment course. Only $56 per hour for lessons and our aim is to get your up to standard swiftly (however, we dare not rush you and safety is our priority) i.e. you set the pace of progress. We offer one-on-one training because it is the best learning experience and it is also the best value for money for you.

Step Three >> Complete an RE QRIDE course and at the end of the course you'll have your licence.

Course Details and Costs

  • $56 per hour for One-On-One, Student-Centred Lessons This type of training is based on the needs and wants of the you the students - this type of lesson is very popular for beginners, riders who lack confidence and experience and for riders who have had experience, however, wish to increase their skills, understanding and knowledge prior to booking a QRIDE assessment session. These lessons can be one-on-one or even better - you can learn to ride with a friend or family member! Learning to ride with your partner, mate, son, daughter, brother, mother, spouse is great fun!

  • $576 QRIDE Pre-Learner Course The Q-Ride pre-learner helps new riders gain motorcycle riding knowledge and skills in a safe environment before learning to ride on the road. This course is designed for learners with no riding experience and is delivered over 2 x half-day sessions and at the end of the course you can get your motorcycle learner's permit RE(L). Practice the motorcycle theory test here.

  • $336 QRIDE (RE) Course The Q-Ride restricted (RE) course is designed to help learner riders extend their riding knowledge and skills. This course is delivered over a half a day and is for learners who have completed the Q-Ride pre-learner course, have some on-road riding experience and are ready to get their RE licence and ride on their own. You can find some info about getting your RE licence here.

  • $196 Q-RIDE (R) course The Q-Ride unrestricted (R) course is designed for bike riders who have completed the Q-Ride restricted (RE) course and have riding experience, the course is conducted mainly on-road with regular stops to provide coaching and discuss safe riding behaviours and strategies and is take a half a day to complete. You can find more info about getting your open and unrestricted motorcycle licence here.

  • $156 for Ian Watson's Rider Refresher Course This 3hr course is designed for riders holding an RE(L); RE or R licence that want to increase their skills, knowledge and confidence in a supportive one-on-one training setting. This course is student-centred and we can address any areas of motorcycling that you need to work on. It may be going over the basics, slow ride manoeuvres, cornering, dealing with traffic jams and lane filtering or helping you get familiar and set up you new motorcycle! At the end of this session, our aim is that your needs are met and you're a safer and better rider.

Ian Watson's Motorcycle School can help you get your Motorcycle Licence


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Queensland Motorcycle Licence Details

Q RIDE Resources and Information For Learners

How To Become and Motorcycle Trainer

Want to be a Motorcycle Instructor?

Step 1 - Get a Qualified with an RTO
To get qualified to deliver motorcycle training with Noel Pocklington 0423 668 775 noel@ianwatsons.com, it will take 1 – 2 weeks and will cost $3,300. One of these courses will give you the qualifications to deliver motorcycle training and assessment courses:

  • TLI41416 Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport - Motorcycle Riding Instruction)

  • TAE40116 / TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

  • TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes

  • TAEASS402 Assess Competence

Step 2 - Become an Accredited Rider Trainer (ART)
This course allows qualified Motorcycle Instructors to become familiar with the Dept. of TMR QRIDE courses and be trained in the deliver of these three courses : Pre-Learner QRIDE; RE QRIDE and R QRIDE to learner riders. This course is covered in three sessions and will cost $990 3-Day course. Contact: Noel Pocklington 0423 668 775 noel@ianwatsons.com

Step 3 - Partner with a Registered Service Provider (RSP)
Once you have become an ART you'll need to partner with an RSP to be able to deliver motorcycle training, courses and issue motorcycle competency certificates to learners. We are an RSP and have a great team of ARTs working all over Queensland - teaching riders how to ride and helping them get a motorcycle licence - you could be the next member of our expanding team.