Ian Watson's Driver Training Centre, family owned and operated since 1989, has helped thousands of people get their motorcycle and truck licences. Ian Watson's offers goal-oriented and student-centred training to increase your skills, knowledge and confidence to help you upgrade your licence.




LEARN HOW TO RIDE A MOTORCYCLE and GET YOUR MOTORCYCLE LICENCE - Motorcycle training is based on the needs and wants of you, the student, with a focus on increasing skills, knowledge and confidence. Motorcycle assessment is directed by the Department of TMR's QRIDE standards.


Trucks and Buses

GET YOUR HEAVY VEHICLE LICENCE - We can help you get your LR, MR, HR, HC &/or MC licence. Ian Watson's can help you learn how to drive a truck and pass the Department of TMR's QSAFE driving test. IAN WATSON'S has a wide variety of user friendly and modern vehicles to meet your needs.


Certificate Courses

WATTO TRAINING (RTO # 40791) - provides training and assessment under the umbrella of the VET Quality Framework in the fields of Training and Assessment, Transport and Logistics and Business.