WATTO TRAINING (RTO # 40791) provides training and assessment under the umbrella of the VET Quality Framework in the fields of Training and Assessment, Transport and Logistics and Business for more information visit www.training.gov.au . WATTO TRAINING's goal is to inspire brilliant performances and instil a love of learning. WATTO TRAINING believes education to be a key ingredient to success in life regardless of a person’s background. WATTO TRAINING offers a mix of nationally recognised and non-recognised training courses. This includes public courses and also client specific closed courses. When closed courses are provided, WATTO TRAINING will incorporate company policies, procedures and documentation, where requested. WATTO TRAINING will also work with you to develop and deliver relevant practical scenarios. WATTO TRAINING works closely with employers to give people the skills to enable them to become more productive and competitive. WATTO TRAINING programs help people keep pace with the changing workplace. Students receive practical, hands-on training in small classes with qualified teachers.

Ian Watson's Truck Driving School is an approved third party provider of training for the following nationally recognised unit of competency TLIC4006 - Drive Multi-Combination through RTO 40791 - Watto Training. Confirmation of our training relationship can be confirmed at http://www.wattotraining.com/courses/heavy-vehicles/mc-b-double-licence-qld/


Nationally Recognised Training Fields offered by WATTO TRAINING:

  • TLI31210 - Certificate III in Driving Operations - This is a Certificate 3 Guarantee Course. The Certificate 3 Guarantee provides a government subsidy to support eligible individuals to complete their first post-school certificate III qualification. It also supports Queensland's Year 12 graduates to transition to employment by providing fee-free training in high priority qualifications.
  • TLI41210 - Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport - Car Driving Instruction)
  • TLI41310 - Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport - Heavy Vehicle Driving Instruction) Classes: MR, HR, HC, MC
  • TLI41410 - Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport - Motorcycle Riding Instruction)
  • TAE40110 - Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • BSB40812 - Certificate IV in Frontline Management
  • AURTGA3001 - Drive and manoeuvre trailers
  • RIIVEH201D - Operate light vehicle
  • TLIC2025A - Operate four wheel drive vehicle
  • RIIVEH305D Operate and maintain a four wheel drive vehicle
  • PUAVEH001B Drive vehicles under operational conditions
  • TLIC1051A - Operate commercial vehicle
  • TLIC3042A - Operate coach/bus
  • TLIC2049A - Operate heavy vehicle on unsealed roads
  • TLIC3036A - Apply safe car driving behaviours
  • TLIC4006A - Drive multi-combination vehicle
  • TLIC3037A - Apply safe heavy vehicle driving behaviours
  • TAELLN411 - Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills
  • TLIF2010A - Apply fatigue management strategies
  • TLIE3028A - Complete a work diary in the road transport industry
  • TLIF2092A - Demonstrate awareness of chain of responsibility regulations