Motorcycle Pre Ride Safety Check QRIDE

Motorcycle Pre Ride Safety Check QRIDE

Ian Watson's Pre Ride MOTORCYCLE CHECK:

Identify Motorcycle
Is the motorcycle suitable for the student?
Registration expiration date?
COI expiration date (for training vehicles only)?
Motorcycle is clean/serviceable?
Are there any leaks i.e. fluid under the machine?

Wheels and Tyres
Are they inflated to the correct pressure?
Is tread depth ok?
Are wheels, spokes and alloys in good condition?

Brake Systems
Is there brake fluid in reservoirs correct?
Do brakes function?
Is the free play for brake pedal and level travel acceptable?

Are both suspension systems (front and rear) in good clean condition without leaks or excessive weeping around the seals?

Are chain guards fitted and in good condition?
Is the chain/belt lubricated and adjusted correctly (25mm ‐ 40mm of movement)?
Is the driveshaft oil level ok?

Engine and Body work
Is the oil level acceptable? (inspection chamber or dip stick)
Are all water hoses to and from the radiator and is the coolant level suitable?
Are all fairing pieces, exhaust, mirrors, mud guards, lights firmly attached and fitted correctly?

Controls, Dash and Electrical
Is the clutch free play and actuation acceptable?
Is the throttle free play and spring return acceptable?
Is the fuel level sufficient?
Are the mirrors aligned and offer a suitable view for the rider?

Mount, Dismount, Riding Position
Can the rider mount the motorcycle correctly?
Does the student know how to use the stand (incl centre stand if applicable)?

Start Motorcycle
Is the fuel tap on?
Does the key inserts/turns smoothly?
Is the neutral light is displayed and is the motorcycle in neutral?
Is the emergency stop switch is in correct position?
Is there a choke and if so, is it on?
Does the bike start correctly (i.e. no abnormal noises)?
Are their any issues with warning lights on the dash?
Are the brake light functioning (both front and rear lever/pedal)?
Does the indicator switch works in both directions and cancels when depressed?
Do both the high beam and the “flash” button function?
Does the horn function?
Can the rider activate controls without looking at them?

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