Best Motorcycle Rides on Australia: A list of great rides in Australia

Australia is a country that has some of the most diverse and spectacular landscapes of the world. Snowcapped pristine coastline, lush tropical rainforest and sunbaked ochre dessert are perfect examples to prove the above mentioned fact. You will also be able to a variety of motorcycle rides in Australia. Here is a list of the greatest rides that you can find within the country.

Gwydir Highway
Australia is a country that doesn’t have a long history on building roads. However, Gwydir Highway, which is located in the northern part of New South Wales, can be considered as one of the oldest roads that can be found in the country. Today, Gwydir Highway is popular for the great motorcycle rides that are offered.

Tasman Highway
Tasman Highway, which is located in the east coast of Australia, has also received much attention for motorcycle rides. The rides take place at the halfway mark in between Cranebrook and Swansea. This belongs to a part of Heritage Highway as well.

The Great Ocean Road
The Great Ocean Road is there on everybody’s lists. People are looking forward to take part in the best motorcycle rides within Australia prefer to come here. The Great Ocean Road is not just popular among locals. You will be able to find a lot of tourist buses parked along with Victoria’s coastline stretch. This fact clearly signifies the popularity of bike rides that take place in the area. The riders will also be able to get an amazing experience by breathing the salt air.

Oxley Highway
The Oxley Highway, which runs from Walcha to Port Macquarie, offers everything for the people who are interested in taking the best bike rides. You would love to experience the breathtaking sceneries of mountains while taking part in the bike ride. The surrounding environment at Oxley Highway creates an ideal platform for the people who take part in the bike rides.

Gunbarrel Highway
Gunbarrel Highway is a 1400km road that stretches from Carnegie Station to Victory Downs. This road also has a solid history and it was constructed back in 1950s. The motorcycle rides that take part in Gunbarrel Highway have also received international popularity.

Thunderbolts Way
The Thunderbolts Way offers a short and sweet ride for the motorcycle enthusiasts. This highway runs from Walcha to Sydney and was named after bushranger, which sweeps from cambered bend to cambered bend. Thunderbolts Way also has the ability to offer a unique experience for the individuals who take part in motorcycle rides.

Atherton Tablelands
If you are sick of temptations of Port Douglas or Cairns, Atherton Tablelands can be considered as one of the best destinations available for you to take part in a motorcycle ride. People who enjoy motorcycle rides in here will get the opportunity to head up into the hills and enjoy the natural beauty with thrill. 

Best Motorcycle Trips in Australia

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