How to counter steer on a motorcycle:

Counter steering is an essential element to writing a motorcycle. Understanding how to start a safe term even at high speeds will ensure that you can remain safe on the roads and handle yourself in an emergency situation.

At extremely high speeds it's very important that you lean into any type of turn, although counter steering may sound a bit confusing it doesn't actually mean turning your handlebars away from the turn you initiate, but pressing on the handlebar to lean into the correct direction. By mastering this process you can make more controlled turns on your motorcycle and ride with greater levels of comfort.

To begin:
Start with relaxed arms which are held out at a parallel level to the ground. The goal is not to pull downwards on the handlebars but to make small and controlled movements to initiate the term.

Using your legs:
Before initiating the turn make sure that you are well secured to the bike with your knees locked on. You will lose a bit of grip on the handlebars by performing the turn so it's extremely important that you start hugging the motorcycle with your needs so that you don't lose control. If your motorcycle has pegs you can also hold onto these with your boot for added stability.

Begin the turn:
Start by decelerating if necessary and look towards the middle and outside of the turn so that you can calculate how you will need to enter and exit the turn. Push on the handlebars in the direction you want to turn. If you are going right push right on the handle bars, if you are going left, push left on the handlebars.

Keep momentum:
Never decelerate in the middle of the turn instead slowdown first and keep your head up to watch as you go through the turn. Maintain a mid range throttle to keep the wheels on the road to the middle of the turn and lean lightly as you push the handlebar in the direction of the turn. Be sure to accelerate out of the turn to make sure you maintain traction.
Keep some of these tips in mind when learning counter steering on a motorcycle. 

counter steering motorcycle

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