Kawasaki: A Brief History

There have been many auto-manufacturing companies that were launched in the market however, only a few were able to become a legend. This is the reason that they are still remembered by the automotive lovers.

The origin
One of the amazing names that are still respected and known to many is the Kawasaki. In 1878, the founder Shozo Kawasaki inaugurated this remarkable vehicle manufacturing company. It was originally founded in Tokyo, Japan within a Shipyard.

In 1896 the company was not only expanded but it was also innovated with such creations that the Kawasaki heavy industry was converted into a cooperation. The manufacturing of much heavy machinery began to like the locomotives of the railway, machinery for construction, robots as well as the helicopters.

The introduction of motorcycles
Despite manufacturing many heavy automobiles and other machinery, the main attraction of Kawasaki is the motorcycles. It has introduced such amazing ones that most of the people still look forward to having the vintage models by Kawasaki. The history begins as:

  • The first motorcycle that was engineered by Kawasaki was introduced in the market in 1962. It was called the B8 that was a single cylinder with the 125cc engine and two strokes. It was one of those that grabbed the major attention of the bike lovers.
  • They have been manufacturing the bikes since 1954 for the Meihatsu motorcycles
  • Meguro Company was acquired by the Kawasaki motors in 1961. They are known as the oldest producers of the motorbikes in Japan as they date back to 1937.
  • They can be regarded as the pioneers for the production of the two strokes as well as the four strokes bikes
  • The two strokes triples are one of the famous motorcycles by the Kawasaki. They became popular because of the amazing thrust, handling, reliability and the speed that will make you feel like you are in the air

They have manufactured some of the greatest vehicles that many of the industries cannot yet meet the standards that have been set by the Kawasaki. The best thing is that their bikes were not only great at the manufacturing material but the engineering and every other aspect of the bikes were a true definition of perfection.

This is one of the biggest reason that those who have utilized the Kawasaki bikes fell in love with them with the very first ride and till now they are unable to prefer any other bike over it. Their bikes have covered thousands of miles on the roads without any problem.

Thus of you are a true auto lover and you get the chance to ride the Kawasaki motorcycle make sure that you never lose it. As the moment you will kick-start the bike in the very first ride you will start to wish that you would have born in those years when it was the top manufacturing company. There might be many stories that you have heard from the grandparents about the Kawasaki.  

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