The Importance of Safety Margins On The Road

Safety margins are of great importance, especially when it includes motorcyclists. The most common reason of motorcycle accidents is the lack of success of motorists to recognize and identify motorcycles in traffic.
Traffic school
Traffic school favours all drivers regardless of their driving ability or age. The program covers traffic crash statistics, the times most crashes happen, the age groups with the highest accident percentages and the two key factors to how long and how far it takes you to stop (reaction and braking time). But that might not be enough for motorcyclists.

Reaction time and braking distance
A good motorbike can out-brake many cars but not all motorcycles are able to do this. Today more and more bikes offer ABS (Anti-locking brake system) a real advantage for many bike riders. As rate of motion increases, halting distance increases seemingly out of balance. An example of this would be: that in 3 seconds a vehicle going at 35mph. will travel at an additional distance than 45mph. It would take an estimated 1.5 seconds as the amount of time on average than it would take a motorist to see, process and react to an unsafe situation. This amount of time increases up to 3 seconds for those drivers who are under the influence, are tired or are on the phone while driving.
The higher the speed of a vehicle is going, this affects the distance reaction and braking distance but the reaction remains intact. A vehicle driving at a lower rate of speed will have covered less ground and will have more time to react. According to highway authorities, 40% of accidents are cause from the inability to react quick enough to prevent an accident.
Danger of driving motorcycles - Statistics have shown that motorists are in greater danger when riding on highways. Drivers are not conscious of how their driving affects a motorist. Drivers usually claim to have not seen the motorcycle before colliding with them. There are also problems with the roads such as debris, litter or uneven pavement driving at the highway speed can be dangerous to the amount of control a rider has. Driving on two wheels is far more dangerous than driving on four wheels. Statistics have shown that driving a motorcycle is far more dangerous than driving a vehicle and injuries tend to be more severe. People enjoy the sense of freedom motorcycles give and the money that is saved from fuel expenses. But is it worth it?

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