How to Get a Motorcycle Licence in New Zealand

You are probably one of those individuals who have finally decided to get motorcycle license in New Zealand. This is actually an excellent move for many good reasons. Riding a motorcycle is proven to be a very rewarding activity or hobby. This can also be ultimately social since you are likely to meet sorts of individuals with different backgrounds. Motorcycles also got smaller carbon footprints as compared to an average family car. When riding a motorcycle you are also doing your part in helping minimise traffic congestion and you save on parking and fuel costs.
However, before you can confidently ride a motorcycle, you surely have to start somewhere and this is to get a motorcycle license in New Zealand. You need to be properly licensed in order to ride and roam around the New Zealand roads. New Zealand actually uses Graduated Licensing System which splits motorcycle and even car to three different stages namely learners, restricted and then full. The first two stages actually have restrictions to help students gain experiences in safe manner.

So How do You Really Get Motorcycle License in New Zealand?

In order to achieve the learner license in New Zealand, you need to complete the two separate tests. The first one is the Practical Test which tests your Basic Handling Skills and the other one is Written Test which is based on the road code of New Zealand.

Basic Handling Skills is the practical riding test geared towards seeing if you have already mastered all the basic skills which will keep you safe while you are on the road while you are working hard towards your full license in New Zealand. This is actually the first step in getting a motorcycle learner license. However, you need to pass the Basic Handling exam before you can apply for written test.

If you have passed this stage, you will then be welcomed by the motorcycle community. You will be given Basic Handling Skills Certificate and need to take this and present this when applying for learner license in New Zealand. You also need to comply with the following:

  • Complete application form
  • Present your certificate in Basic Handling Skills
  • Settle the necessary fees
  • Sit theory test 
  • Pass the eye sight test
  • Have your photograph taken
  • Secure your signature in the electronic pad

If you already obtained your learner license the next step is to pass the restricted test then you can now apply for full license. However, to get this, you need to past the practical test. You need to at least be 18 years old and have with you restricted license at least 18 months before applying for full license. The full license test is a practical test showing that you have the basis riding skills, you scan, recognise and then respond to usual road hazards and ride on higher speed areas or zones.

Once you already have your motorcycle license in New Zealand, you no longer have restrictions on riding hours, motorcycle size and more.

how to get an NZ motorcycle licence

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