How to Park a Motorcycle Safely

Reading about the rules of parking a motorcycle may sound somewhat amusing since it is such a general process. However, as a matter of fact, motorcycle parking rules exist and they exist for various reasons. The topmost being the safety of your bike and the convenience of other riders. There are certain considerations you need to keep in mind before parking your motorcycles.

Parking in a wrong angle will not only make things difficult for the other rides, it will somehow also disturb the flow of ongoing traffic, if the bikes are parked on road. Motorbikes, if parked on a proper angle and with keeping the adequate gap in between, can have room for more parking and also makes the parking and taking out the bikes relatively easier. Read on to know the ways you need to follow for parking your motorbike in the safest manner.

The Perfect Angle - The angle of the bike is the main thing you need to consider before parking it. If you are the first one to park in a lane, make sure your parking angle is 45 degree so that others could follow the same angle and park accordingly. If you will park in the wrong manner, other riders will follow suite and the whole parking lane will be disturbed. 

The Adequate Gap - This is the point where most of the people falter. Parking bikes too close to each other can cause scratches on your bike while taking out and parking your bike leaving a wide gap will waste the space. You need to find the right balance keeping in mind the convenience of parking and availability of the parking space. 

Type of Surface - A slippery or grassy surface may cause your bike to slip or sink on the side stand. It is important to check the surface before parking your bike. For the grassy surface, you may need to place a flat plate under your side stand to avoid the risk of your slipping of your motorbike.

Observe the Local Rules - It is important to observe the local parking rules. Parking in an open space may seem convenient, but it is better to follow the rules to avoid getting a ticket for wrong parking.

Parking on a Hilly Surface - Parking on a hilly surface may be a tricky situation. You need to properly check the slope of the hill before parking your bike. Always park against the slope to avoid the danger of bike slipping towards the sloppy area. 

Motorcycle parking may seem to be an easy procedure however, there are certain rules that you need to observe for a hassle free and convenient parking. By following the above-mentioned points, you will not only make parking easy for you but will also help for the convenience of other riders.

how to park a motorcycle

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