Motorcycle Tyres : The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Tyres are an important part of vehicles so it is necessary that you should choose them wisely. If you will select right type of tyre then it will surely enhance your riding experience. You can ride your motorcycle for many years with right tyres. There are many tyre brands that choosing the best one can be a difficult task for you but you do not need to worry as here you will find the list of some reliable brands.
Goodyear:- It is a USA based company that has a global dominance. Goodyear tyres have triple lead feature that offers a sporty driving style. The tyres also have capability to avoid the possibility of aquaplaning thus ensuring high security and great comfort level. You should buy these tires if you need all-season tyre with snow traction.
Michelin:- Michelin is one of the most popular tyre brands. This company laid its foundation in 1889. It supplies high-performance radials that combine various features such as a good grip, long tread life, better fuel economy and handling. The braking capacity of tyres allows rider to ride motorcycle smoothly and conveniently. Michelin also aid in improving fuel economy by manufacturing low rolling resistance tyres.
Bridgestone:- Bridgestone is a well-known brand in the tyre industry. It is located in 24 countries having 141 production facilities. The tyres of Bridgestone are fuel saving thus they can help you in saving money. If you like motorcycle race, then Bridgestone tyres is a perfect option for you. As there is a minimum risk of tyre deformation, so tyres can work well for a prolonged period. This company uses advanced silica tread compound for decreasing rolling resistance of tyres.
Pirelli:- It is fifth largest tyre brand in the world with 19 manufacturing sites. It has branches in more than 160 countries. Pirelli supplies tyres for EVO machines and Superbikes. This company provides tyres with wet and dry grip in addition to good handling. Pirelli tyres have precise steering maneuverability that allows you to control motorcycle in a convenient manner. They are durable and fuel-efficient as well.
Metzeler:- Metzeler is a worldwide known tyre brand based in Germany. It is specialised in manufacturing motorcycle tyres. It manufactures radials for other vehicles also. Metzeler tyres remain in good condition for a long period of time. This company also ensures a smooth handling with an excellent breaking ability. Thus you will have a comfortable motorcycle ride by purchasing these tyres.
Continental:- It is one of the oldest tyre brands in the world. They are manufacturing premier motorcycle for decades. The touring motorcycle tyres as well as dual sport motorcycle tyres are made in this company. Continental provides magnificent grip and good handling on wet and dry roads alike. The best part of using these tyres is that they come in affordable prices.

Hankook:- This company has been serving tyre industry with some of the finest products since many years. It ensures minimum noise and carbon dioxide emission. The motorcycle will stable even at high speeds due to fine grip and traction. Hankook tyres also have a firm braking ability.

It would be better if you will purchase that tyre which suits your motorcycle. You should also make sure that wheels are aligned correctly and tyres are inflated properly.

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