The Vespa scooter was a life changer for Piaggio group in 1946 when it saved the aviation company as a side product. Since then the scooter has been called Vespa in common terminologies. It has made life heaven for adult women as it is cost effective along with being safer than a normal motorcycle. The low speed scooter gives added protection with stability in the form of a broad base and comfortable sitting position.

The old Vespa scooters were made for durability and easy travelling as the aesthetics were somehow missed in the process. This was mainly because the target audience 50 years back did not include females as the ratio of men to women scooter drivers was heavily biased. However, with the advent of modern culture, women started to move about on scooters. This is when Vespa latched on to this opportunity by manufacturing scooters that were light in weight and pleasing to the eye. These are the two basic features a women looks out for when buying a Vespa scooter.

If you are a working woman, or one that wants to move about without the hassle of parking spaces and traffic jams, you need to pick a Vespa scooter for yourself. However, you need to look past the looks only when you are selecting one. Here are some tips that may help you once you are out in the market searching for the best two wheeler friend for yourself:

Engine size - Yes, this is something you wouldn’t know much about but a little internet research can tell you a lot about the kind and size of engine you are looking for. The 50 cc engine will give you a max speed of 40 miles per hour where as a bigger engine of 250 cc will give you a maximum speed of 75 miles per hour. Select your requirement and then select the engine.

Wheel size - The scooters come in different wheel size. Wheel size is the size of the metallic wheel excluding the rubber portion. A smaller wheel will give you more maneuverability but can get stuck in pot holes and road bumps. Large wheels give you more safety but less maneuverability.

Try them out - The best way to choose the right dress is by using the try room. Similar philosophy can be applied to a scooter. Try as many as you want before you get the type you want in your price range.

Safety first - Safety is paramount when it comes to these beautiful scooters. This fact holds good for men as well as women. Take a safety class or course if it’s the first scooter for you. Also make sure that you use the right fit and tested helmet to protect you from any fall. Using extra protective gear like gloves and knee/elbow guards is also a good idea.

Ian Watson's Rider Refresher Course - This 3hr course is designed for riders holding an RE(L); RE or R licence that want to increase their skills, knowledge and confidence in a supportive one-on-one training setting. This course is student-centred and we can address any areas of motorcycling that you need to work on. It may be going over the basics, slow ride manoeuvres, cornering, dealing with traffic jams and lane filtering, helping you get familiar and set up you new motorcycle! At the end of this session, our aim is that your needs are met and your a safer and better rider.

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