How to Get a Motorcycle License in the United Kingdom

The motorcycle license is required in order to ride your motorcycle legally. Discover how to get a motorcycle license in the United Kingdom. One of the first steps of the process of getting a motorcycle license is to get a guarantee which will allow you to ride motorcycles on the streets, highways, and other roadways. You can get this guarantee once you’ll complete the basic training.

Complete a CBT or Compulsory Basic Training - In order to complete a CBT or Compulsory Basic Training course, you need to find the nearest training body in the UK. The CBT costs around £120 and you will have to spend a whole day riding around and learning the fundamentals of the motorcycle roadcraft. You need to keep in mind that this is not a test but a training in which you cannot fail. The Compulsory Basic Training ensures that you have experience and competence before hitting the roads and it is valid for 2 years.

The Written Test & The Practical Test - Once you are done with the CBT it is time for the written test. This test is going to cost you £25 and it includes two parts – a hazard awareness and Highway Code knowledge. The tests are at your disposal from the Driving Standards Authority. After you’ve passed your written test, the practical test is next. It costs £90.50 and is available in two forms. The first one is an off-road test which takes 30 minutes and includes low-speed handling assessments, cone-dodging, emergency stop, and etc. The second one is on-road and takes about 40 minutes. During the practical test you need to wear a special motorcycle helmet, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves, and textile motorcycle jacket and trousers. They all have to meet the British safety standards.

Get a Motorcycle License in the UK - You are qualified to ride Category A bike if you are over 24 years old. The only way to get a Direct Access to ride a Category A before you are 24 is if you are 21 and you have an A2 license for more than 2 years. The cost of Category A or Direct Access course is between £500 and £900. Once you pass the written and practical test, you can arrange for your motorcycle license to be issued. If you don’t pass the tests, you will have to pay and take the test again. 

how to get a motorcycle licence

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