A Closer Look At The Suzuki TU250X

The Suzuki TU250X motorcycle is undoubtedly the ultimate learner bike. Suzuki updated the TU250X by including electronic fuel injection, but fortunately, it has not altered the machine’s traditional, and retro styling, or the features that make it an excellent learner bike.
The air-cooled single will not scare anybody. The motorcycle’s power delivery is great; it’s happy to run in traffic at reduced speeds, has a reasonable midrange punch with a top end that will not get anybody into trouble.
Unique features of the Suzuki TU250x
The clutch is progressive and light, but the five-speed gearbox isn’t the smoothest thing, especially if you attempt to rush the shifts. However, it slips into neutral effortlessly when you stop.
With a curb weight of 148kg, a tight turning circle and a low 770mm seat, this motorcycle is one bike that makes maneuvering at low speeds. Also, the upright seating position is natural, and it offers comfort for movement in traffic. The seat is quite comfortable, and its riding position doesn’t put a strain on the back, neck, arms or legs. It keeps your eyes and head up where they belong. It's big rectangular mirrors offer a good view as well.
Where this motorcycle thrives is in taking its rider down the back roads and secondary roads. It allows you to experience all the smells, and feel the wind as well as the air temperature. It allows the rider to look around and relish the scenery.
Curving roads are always a blast, and when the pavement produces dirt or gravel, this motorcycle continues completely without a hassle on the new surface. When it gets sandy or bumpy, the rider can stand on its pegs to keep it stable and maintain a smooth ride. The light weight of 326 pounds when it is fully fueled makes it easy to ride move around the garage and ride at parking lot speed when necessary.
The motorcycle got a great gas mileage as well. Some usually top 90 MPG and have a low of about 84 MPG. This feature, coupled with the 3.2-gallon fuel tank gives riders an expectation of a 250-mile range along with good reserves.
Look closer at the motorcycle, and you’ll see where Suzuki cut some corners to ensure the price stays down at a reasonable $5990. Its finish on the back springs is relatively rough. On the flipside, however, the chrome bits are properly finished, and the plastic mudguards look great.
While the Suzuki TU250X is aimed at the novice market, it should appeal to commuters who want a motorcycle instead of a scooter. It has got to be among the easiest bikes on the market, and it offers a great performance to hold off plumber’s vans and family sedans in a traffic-light drag race. 

tu250x waiting for repair

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