Motorcycle Helmets: The Do’s and Don’ts with your Motorcycle Helmet

It’s important for us to understand all the safety considerations while riding a motorcycle. Sports activities or otherwise we should use all the suitable and protective equipment for our safety. Helmet is the armour for our head; it protects our head from threatening injuries. It even reduces the risk of death caused by head injuries. Studies show how effectively Helmets have saved lives, well that’s enough for us to get convinced and stop making excuses rather we should start wearing this safety armour while riding a bike. After all our safety is our really are own responsibility.

While we understand that it’s important to wear Helmet, let’s look at some of the dos and don’ts with your Motorcycle Helmet.

  • Check the weight, comfort and safety rating before buying a helmet.
  • The Minimum standard level of protection is decided by your state’s Transportation department, the Helmet you buy should comply with it.
  • Features like integrated sunshade, wind reduction measures and communication provisions are some of the options if you are looking for Technological advances in your Motorcycle helmet.
  • Try the helmet before using it. Check for an appropriate head size, it should fit nicely on your head.
  • It will be wise to keep the Helmet away from gasoline, cleaning fluids and excessive heat. All these can cause degradation of helmet material.
  • Look for a secure place to keep your helmet when you take it off. Never place it on the fuel tank and in case you place it on the seat then keep it in a balanced way so it won’t fall off. Hanging it on the motorbike’s mirror can ruin the lining.
  • Remove the lining and the cheek pads before you clean the outside of the Motorcycle helmet with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. Don’t use petrochemical cleaning fluids such as furniture polish.
  • Don’t put stickers on the lid of your motorcycle helmet, the glue especially the ones made of thermoplastic or polycarbonate can damage the helmet.

Once again, we would like to stress the importance of having a good quality helmet, taking care of it and wearing it correctly at all time... it can save your life!

Motorcycle Helmets - can save your life! Buy a good one, wear it correctly at all times and take care of it.

Motorcycle Helmets - can save your life! Buy a good one, wear it correctly at all times and take care of it.

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