A Closer Look at Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets have come a long way from the leather used and made famous in the 1950s thanks to films like “The Wild One” to today where Alpinestars is leading the way by using the latest material for maximum protection and comfort. Today, the protection offered by the motorcycle jackets created by Alpinestars offers considerable comfort, good flexibility, and reinforced materials that withstand the scrapes and bumps associated with riding while providing plenty of airflow for maximum comfort. 

What Makes Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets Strong?
Everything starts with the tough, durable, and breathable polyester material that provides considerable protection when riding in many different types of weather conditions. The Denier polyester is reinforced at the elbows, shoulders, and pockets so that it will last for a long time. Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain which makes it the perfect material for motorcycle jackets. 

In addition, the design of the jacket by Alpinestars helps keep it together in case of any impacts or scrapes. The smooth, slick surface helps to reduce the impact of small objects that my fly up from the road. This additional protection is augmented by foam padding in certain locations and some jackets offer a CE certified chest protector for additional protection. 

Exceptional Features
In addition to the protection that is provided by the jacket, there are several features that many of the products from Alpinestars offers which includes the following;
Full Mesh Lining: The lining offers additional protection by providing some open space between the exterior of the jacket and the body. Plus, the mesh allows for additional airflow and comfort to keep you cool in the summer and warm during the spring and fall. There is nothing like having breathable material that surrounds the chest, torso, and arms that still provides excellent protection. 

Sport Fitting: While you may be sitting, operating a motorcycle is demanding work from watching traffic to keeping your balance when astride the bike. The jackets with the sports fitting option provides pre-curved sleeves which helps reduce fatigue. This feature helps to overcome one of the more annoying issues with most motorcycle jackets when you had to push against the straight sleeves to operate the bike. The sports fitting is a great feature that Alpinestars has made use of in many of their jackets. 

Velcro Adjustments: For the waist and wrists, Velcro is an excellent fastener that provides a simple way to adjust the fitting around your wrists and waist with the help of a D-ring so that the jacket fits properly. As you ride, you may want to make additional adjustments during the trip. The Velcro provides a quick, simply way to secure the jacket so you feel more comfortable. 

If you are considering purchasing a motorcycle jacket, Alpinestars offers several excellent selections designed to fit most riders comfortably and securely all for an affordable price. In addition, the protection provided and user-friendly features makes Alpinestars one of the leaders when it comes to durable, comfortable motorcycle jackets that are built to last.