The Ultimate Pre Drive Truck Checklist

Often we find trucks being towed on the road either because of the breakdown or due to the accidents. Did you face any such situation in the past? Regardless of your answer, keep one thing in mind that such disasters can be avoided if you carry out the truck pre drive check before every trip that you take.

Screening the truck thoroughly before a trip is a necessary aspect to consider - Evaluating and examining the truck before you take on the road and drive is an essential aspect to consider. This becomes all the more important if you don’t wish to get stranded in the middle of a road. During such an unexpected situation, it becomes a challenging task to get hold of a service centre in a short notice of time.

Carrying out the pre-examination of the truck is a smart move - Whether you use it on a daily basis or drive the truck occasionally, there comes a time when a vehicle tends to break down or show signs of collapse. You never know when the truck will show such signs. Don’t you think it is better to have your truck pre drive check and save yourself from such undesired circumstances?

What are the necessary checklists that must be followed? Before you go out on the road, it is imperative to have a check on the wiring and the light connections. You must turn on the signals, running lights, brake lights, warning flashers, etc. The lights must be bright enough and if required replace it before you leave on your trip.

Do you know the majority of the tyre problems with the trucks pop up from under inflation? It is advisable to look out for the excessive wear and cracks in the rubber. Since there is a loss of pressure over the time, it is better to check more often. Properly inflated tires will save you from accidents and also on maintenance costs in the long run.

Brakes and clutches are the two important elements of a heavy vehicle without which it is impossible to ride a vehicle on the road smoothly and seamlessly. If you desire to undertake a pleasurable and comfortable journey on the road without any kind of troubles, you have to ensure that you look out for the screeching noise and tightness while using and look for the servicing before undertaking the road trip.

Battery is yet another essential component that must not be ignored if you wish to drive your truck smoothly without any hassles. In all probability you might not be able to access the condition of the truck batteries with the open eyes. Hence, it is better to hire a professional truck mechanic who can help you out in this aspect and you can go on the trip without the fear of any kind of breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

The alternator plays a significant part and if it doesn’t function properly, there can be serious problems that need to be addressed immediately. If you the symptoms along like the dimming lights of the head lights and the vehicle battery going out of charge frequently, it is high time when you should definitely consider about alternator replacement.

You have to make sure that all the bolts and fasteners on the truck is proper and none of them appear to be loose or not in securing positions.

Grease the hubs and the bearings of the one with grease for proper plying of the truck. Grease injections have emerged in the marker that allows the old grease to get pushed out and fill in with the new refilling.

Finally, when you have checked every step required, it is advised to turn off the ignition key and get out the truck and cross check the coupler.

Checking the license plate & rego sticker- This is an important aspect to consider while undertaking the truck pre drive check in order to avoid the hassles of legal issues. You should make sure that the license plate is in accordance with the current state and the national law. Moreover, it has to be securely attached so that it doesn’t fall off while playing on the road.

Should you call for a professional expert or carry out DIY - The above mentioned truck pre drive check lists can be carried out by any individual with the basic knowledge about the truck he or she is driving. Moreover, every time you won’t be able to afford the service charges of a professional mechanic expert. Hence, it is better to learn certain basic servicing and checking of the different parts and mechanics of the truck and do it yourself and save money as well.

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