A Closer Look at the Volvo FH16 at Ian Watson's Truck Driving School

When we want to purchase a new truck we tend to look at the numbers and as you can see from the Volvo FH16, you tend to think that it delivered up to 750 nm in torque which would be impressive on its own. Yet the Volvo prime move truck is a lot more powerful because it delivers no less than 3550 in torque, and the best part about it is that 90 of the entire torque is accessible in a few minutes, something that clearly shows how powerful the device really is.

Volvo Driving experience - This is what tends to sum up the Volvo prime move truck FH16, it offers a great solution for construction, long hauls and everything that requires a lot of pure, brute strength. Despite the fact that it delivers a lot of power, this truck also delivers a great, exiting and simplistic driving experience which doles matter quite a lot if you want a reliable truck on the road.

The Volvo Motor - The driveline is amazing and maybe the best thing about the FH16 engine is that it still remains fuel efficient, so it won’t eat up an insane amount of money while on the road. Instead, the motor included here is EEV certified so you don’t have to worry about any issue, that’s for sure.

Volvo Safety - Since this is a Volvo prime move truck created for the ultimate open road experience, it was created to make sure that all driving conditions are dealt with. It actually survives under extreme conditions, not to mention that you can use it to deliver heavy loads in hilly terrain without any issues.

This Volvo prime move truck also scores some great points when it comes to safety. It was designed with inertia-reel seat belts that include sensors which monitor movements. In case you hit something, Volvo included a great SRS airbag on the driver side that will keep his safe at all times. Not only that but they also integrated a wide range of other driver aid, so by using the FH16 on the road you have a great chance of lowering the risk of accidents.

The Volvo Sleeper cab - The sleeper cab is large, comfy and the Volvo prime move truck does a great job when it comes to adding in storage space so you can definitely bring a small fridge and store your important items.

The Volvo prime move truck FH16 is definitely adding in a great suspension, environmental chassis, astounding brakes and all the tools needed in order to deliver a stellar, professional and reliable performance while on the road. 

Conclusion - With so many benefits, such as a large sleeper cab, great support for any type of weather condition and a lot of power, the Volvo prime move truck FG16 is definitely the ultimate solution for truckers worldwide. If you want to purchase a new truck that will deliver amazing quality without breaking the bank and leading to bankruptcy, then this model is an astounding choice so do consider it!

Ian Watson's Truck Driving School's Volvo FH16

Ian Watson's Truck Driving School's Volvo FH16


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