A Closer Look at the Isuzu Gigamax Prime Mover

The Isuzu Giga Max Prime Mover has evolved from the stand-alone trucks to Connected Carrier System in order to maximise the customers’ uptime; giving solutions to issue they’re facing such as operational cost, labor shortage, safety and environmental problems. The performance of Isuzu Giga Max is sophisticated from the 5 driver’s viewpoints: fuel efficiency, comfort, loading capacity, total safety, and remote assistance, which will surely better serve the entire needs of customers as the ideal next generation of truck. 

The major improvements offered by Isuzu Giga Max are as follows:

Isuzu Giga Max Exterior - Has a new aerodynamic cab frame that is lowered its air-resistance in order to ensure a better fuel economy and optimum aerodynamics. Furthermore, Isuzu Giga Max Prime Mover is designed to have high user friendliness due to its stylish and functional grips and steps. The front face of Isuzu Giga Max looks more modern and functional, designed with a large front grille that helps its large intercooler in achieving higher and better cooling performance.

Isuzu Giga Max Interior - For efficient and easier driving, the semi-round panel instrument has been utilised. The entire switches, classified by usage frequency, are placed near the meters for higher distinguishability and easier operations. In addition to that, the steering wheel switches as well as the multi-information 4-inch LCD monitor of Isuzu Giga Max Prime Mover are enabling much easier and safer driving. The seats of Isuzu Giga Trucks have been improved in air permeability, adjustability, and capability in supporting the posture of occupants. Because of this, a much comfortable inner space has been implemented.

Isuzu Giga Max Engine - The Isuzu Giga Max 6UZ1 engine has been improved. There are some modifications made in order to increase from low to mid-range torque as well as improve the fuel efficiency.  The specifications of turbocharger have been changed. The radiator and intercooler were made larger. Adopted a highly-efficient EGR cooler. The supply pump has been changed. Adopted a new injector in Isuzu Giga Max Prime Mover. Adopted a common ultra-high pressure rail system. The dump and cargo models come standard with “ecostop” system that automatically restarts and stops the engine in order to minimise the unnecessary consumption of fuel during the idling.

Isuzu Giga Max Transmission - Smoother Gx, automated manual transmission has been improved in order to make the vehicle capable of delivering smoother-ever start, by making the “shift shocks” decreased. In addition to that, by adopting an engine retarder, the auxiliary brakes’ capabilities have greatly improved. The Isuzu Giga Max models equipped with 12-speed smoother GX and 6UZ1-TC engine come standard with Smart Glide system, which disengages the clutch automatically when the Isuzu Giga Max Prime Mover is running downwards with its accelerator pedal slightly depressed in order to utilise the inertial force effective for much better  fuel saving.

Isuzu Giga Max Complete Safety - Its pre-crash braking system has a collision avoidance function which is added in order to cope with the moving obstacle, in addition to the traditional collision mitigating function. The double sensing mechanism which uses a millimetre wave camera and radar has a widely improved accuracy for forward obstacle detection.

Isuzu Giga Max

Isuzu Giga Max


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