How to Give Your Motorcycle a Basic Service with These Safety Checks

Motorcycle services can be expensive - so why not do it yourself? Motorcycle services always includes the oil change, checking spark plugs and changing the oil filter. Actually, if you already know how to do some of these things, then you can give your motorcycle basic service that it needs. Here are instructions on how to give your motorcycle basic service.

OIL - Always check the oil. An oil change and replace the oil filter will help it to run smoothly and give it a better performance.

TYRES - Look at the air pressure in your tyres to see if they are correct, also always look over the tyre tread depth to see if you need new tyres.

LIGHTS and LAMPS - Obviously, you need to turn on your lights and also see if signals are working. Driving a motorcycle with a broken light can be very dangerous.

BRAKES - In order to see if the brakes are worn down or not, you must look at the brake pads. If you cannot see them very well, there is a good chance they need to be replaced. Also, make sure that any bolts and callipers are secure. If anything does look loose or out of place, it is best to take it to a garage for motorcycle repair.

LUBE - By making sure the chain is lubricated, if it is, the ride will be smoother. 

BATTERY - By charging your motorcycle battery, you are ensuring that you won’t be stranded out somewhere on the road. It is also advised to check that all cables are in proper place.

FUEL - This is an obvious service practice for many, but if you are in the hurry to take out the bike for a ride, you’ll be in for a big surprise. It might go for a few blocks, but the gas will quickly run out. Go fill up before you take it out on an adventure.

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