How to Pass Your Driving Test in Queensland Qld

Getting your car driving license means freedom for every young person. Going anywhere at any time without having to ask for a lift. Getting your truck driving license means getting work, getting a job promotion or being able to start a new career. But at the end of the day, a vehicle is a heavy machine and has to be handled very carefully. This is the reason why all of us have to practice a lot and pass a driving test before we can safely travel on the roads. This is also the reason for recently toughening the Queensland driving test.

The equation of the perfect driving test hasn't been discovered yet, but there are some parts of the test that you can prepare beforehand in order to feel more comfortable on the D-day.

The driving test was prepared bearing in mind that many people die every year in crashes, and the urgency to reduce that number to none. In order to assess learner's abilities, the examiner will ask you to change lines and merge into traffic at a suitable speed, overtake in safe conditions or wait until the appropriate moment, give way in intersections and roundabouts, maintain enough distance with all vehicles around and perceive hazards and potential dangerous situations and avoid or minimise the risk by properly signalling and moving around. 

Make sure to prepare and practise all these situations and many others, like reverse parking and hill starting, during your driving lessons. Practice makes perfect. 

Apart from practice and preparation, there are some little tricks you can use on the spot in order to make yourself comfortable and confident enough to pass in the first attempt. 

You can warm up by booking a lesson the day before in the area where the test will take place. This will give you self-confidence and knowledge of the potential routes and possible dangers you can face during your test. 

Also, you should observe beforehand the speed limits in all the different areas that you will go through, because there will be zero tolerance to speeding in the test. Also be sure to observe and obey all road markings - be sure to keep off the white lines and follow the arrows on the road.

Don't be afraid to ask. During the test, if you didn't hear properly or you aren't sure that you understood properly the instructions or directions, kindly ask the examiner to repeat the order. It is better to ask and pass than to be shy and fail. 

Understand the QSAFE marking criteria - know the difference between NCDE, CDE and SRDE and realise that some things are very important and some aren't such a big deal nor worth worrying about (e.g. stalling is a NCDE and isn't such a big deal... but failing to give way when reversing is a CDE and you'll fail for it). Be sure to study the QSAFE marking criteria which can be found at 

Last, but not least, don't take your eyes off the road. When you drive, everything important is outside the vehicle, on the road. Look at other vehicles and predict their movements. Look far ahead and be prepared for upcoming turns, intersections or roundabouts. Don't forget to look regularly at mirrors in order to be aware of everything happening around you and that your road-position is centred (or favouring the left side of the lane). Avoid looking at the examiner's notes to see how you are doing and, of course, turn off your mobile phone and other devices to avoid any kind of distraction. 

If all these pieces of advice aren't helpful and, unfortunately, you don't pass, calmly listen to the examiner. They will give you important feedback about the competencies you need to improve so you can get your driving license as soon as possible. 

We can help you pass your driving test - IAN WATSON'S

We can help you pass your driving test - IAN WATSON'S

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