7 Common Misconceptions about Riding a Motorcycle

Legends and myths have been surrounding groups of individuals who often misunderstood things and activity choices. Motorcycle riding probably has a fair share of some negative mythology over the years. The following are 7 common misconceptions about motorcycle riding that will surely surprise many individuals and might even lead them in shock: 

1. Motorcycle Riders are Low-class Troublemakers with Stealing Intentions - This is completely a myth. Individuals riding a motorcycle can be ordinary men and women who have the same concerns and responsibilities that you do. There might be some shift in people’s perception about motorcyclists probably because of media exposure featuring thieves and robbers doing illegal activities and escaping using their motorcycles.  Keep in mind that there are individuals who ride motorcycles for mobility and for plain pleasure. 

2. Motorcycle Riding are Ultimately Dangerous - Make no mistakes. Though motorcycle riding tends to be a risky activity it does not necessarily mean that it is ultimately dangerous at all times. If motorcycles are properly driven with the right safety measures and preparations as well as recognition of high-risk and inherent hazards, motorcycling can be safe for anyone who knows how to drive.

3. You need to be Strong and Big to Ride a Motorcycle - This is another myth about motorcycle riding that many individuals believe on. You do not really need to be strong and big to ride a motorcycle. In order to ride securely and safely, you will need mental strength. However, you need to at least have enough physical strength to ride a motorcycle. 

4. Motorcycles are said to be Unreliable and Messy Machines - Some individuals dislike the idea of motorcycle riding because they believed that motorcycles are unreliable and messy machines. Again, this is also a misconception. Motorcycles can be considered as valuable assets. 

5. Race Tires Can Make You and Your Motorcycle Faster On the Road - This is also a myth about motorcycle riding. Keep in mind that race tires are different from the road tires. They got different properties and compounds and are specially designed to work perfectly when hot to create grip. 

6. Wearing Helmet is More Risky than Not Wearing One - This motorcycle riding myth came about for the reasons that some motorcycle riders are annoyed when told by authorities to wear helmet and comply with the helmet laws all the time. Some individuals believe that wearing helmet is more risky than not wearing one because this only obscure the rider’s vision and blocking sounds when driving. This is completely another misconception. Statistics and extensive testing proves that wearing helmet is a great means to ensure the driver’s safety. Helmets are imperative safety piece that every motorcycle rider should have and should use. 

7. Motorcycle Riding will Eventually Hurt or Kill You - This is definitely not true. Motorcycles are created to give you aid in your mobility and not to cause your death. Though some individuals get hurt or killed while riding a motorcycle, it does not necessarily mean that same scenario will also happen to all those who will ride a motorcycle. 

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