Qualities of a Good Driving Instructor Driver Trainer

While it is easy to attain the qualification to become a driving instructor it is, sadly, rare to find an excellent driving instructor. To be a good teacher, you need to posses some good personal skills and here is a list of those qualities that can take you from being an average driver trainer to an excellent driver trainer.

  1. LEARNERS - It has always been a characteristic of a good teacher that they are also good learner and actively seek new skills and knowledge. Good teachers keep learning more every day and get better at what they are doing.
  2. INITIATIVE - Good teachers take initiative! They don't follow a book of procedures, but rather spot teachable moments and act. They also spot problems before they unfold and prevent them by themselves and do not need any guidance. They also guid their students to show initiative also, rather than insist that the students following their instructions and not questions - rather that guide the students to be curious and to take responsibility for their own actions and choices.
  3. FUN - A good driving instructor makes sure that every student has fun while learning. This is done by new and different ways of teaching and learning that grab a student's attention. The aim should always be to have fun and enjoy the learning experience. Fun learning is the best learning.
  4. ADAPTABLE - Excellent teachers make learning fun and derive different methods of delivering instructions and present many different learning opportunities. This facilitates interest and hence learning. A good driving instructor also caters and responds to the need of their pupils. Excellent driver trainers are responsive to the students and are ready to discuss subject the students want to discuss and answer the questions the students present.
  5. TIME EFFICIENT - A good instructor always makes sure that every student understands fully the assessment (the end goal) and be efficient in getting the student to that goal. Excellent trainers will not drag the training on and make the students take more lessons if the are not needed. Excellent instructors also have the patience with weaker students and will not rush them. Excellent trainer set a pace that is perfect for each student.
  6. INTUITIVE - The best driving instructors are able to sense when a student needs help, is nervous, is confused, is stressed, or is distracted and can provide whatever is necessary to improve the situation. 

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Become a motorcycle instructor and driving trainer assessor at IAN WATSON'S


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