Synchromesh Gearboxes Explained

Syncromesh gearboxes are the most common form of manual transmission found in modern cars and in most trucks and buses. The reason for this is that the synchro gearbox is more reliable than previous transmission types. It results in smoother shifting with less grinding. That means less wear and tear on the transmission itself which also makes synchromesh transmissions more reliable. 

The secret to why synchromesh transmissions are so smooth and quiet is that the speeds are automatically adjusted to make changing gears a smoother process. Porsche is responsible for introducing the cone system as we know it today. The system works via the rotation of the synchro ring. When frictional torque causes this to happen, the dog clutch cannot engage. A brass clutch ring is gradually brought up to speed. Once the speed is matched, the shift occurs seamlessly. 

Thanks to the advent of the synchro gearbox, double-clutching is becoming a less used driving technique. Of course, it is still necessary for many heavy duty trucks and of these the road ranger, produce by EATON FULLER is the most common. However, with synchros, reverse is the only gear that is not often outfitted with synchromesh since you do not need to shift into this gear while moving.

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The 18-Speed ROAD RANGER Pattern

The 18-Speed ROAD RANGER Pattern

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