Top 5 Utes and Trucks from Movies

Sometimes it is not necessary that the character who steals the show in movies have to be the leading actor or actress. Sometimes a massive vehicle like any semi- trailer truck can also be the showstopper. Sometimes these trucks happens to be the focal point of attention for a few measly shots or simply functions as a prop to get the actors from scene to scene.

However, it doesn't always require the whole movie to be based on these trucks but these vehicles definitely play some significant role in those movies and became unbelievably popular. Most often these are being used to shoot some action sequences that actually are the key points that made them popular. The films use these trucks in such a fashion that the audience believe that those vehicles actually are capable of doing those stunts.

In fact, there are some movies that are based on these heavy vehicles, such as, Fast & furious series, Transformers, Jeepers creepers, Tremors, Ace ventura, Cars series. It is more likely that the action movies use most of the heavy vehicles as it gives those movies that extra kick to create a massive impression on the audience. The movies to use those trucks are most likely to become a hit with the audience and sometimes it has also been observed that the vehicles used in it became similarly popular. Here is a list of 5 most popular trucks in movies.

Chevy C-series:  These trucks were used in Fast & Furious movie series. The movie made the audience believe that these vehicles are definitely capable of speed chases. The robust look of the trucks and the way they were shot were definitely gave the trucks a push towards popularity.

Jeep Gladiator:  This car was used in Tremors movie. It was driven by Kevin Bacon's character Val. Its tires were shown being eaten by one of the giant, angry worms. This truck was shown so powerful that was giving a tough fight to those ultra powerful giant worms. 

Chevy COE: This truck became the brand icon of the movie Jeepers Creepers. This movie created such a massive impact on audiences that after the release, this movie completely ruined the outlook towards its driver outside the movie. Anyone seen driving this model was definitely going to be compared with the monster it was associated in the movie.

GMC Topkick C4500: This truck was used in science fiction movie series Transformers. The movie shows these vehicles to be transformed into some alien robots. This movie series made these trucks so popular that even toys of these models became best-sellers. The transformations of the vehicles in these movies were phenomenal and chick classy look were very much attractive that helped these semi trailer trucks to gain popularity.

Peterbilt 281 Tanker: This truck was seen in the movie Duel, directed by Steven Spielberg. This truck gained similar popularity as the movie. The villainous character of the truck with an unseen driver created a huge suspense among the audience. Afterwards whenever this truck was seen on roads, it attracted the curious attention of people.

However, the majorly popular trucks were of the models of Chevy C-series, Ford, Dodge Ram, GMC C-series and Toyota. The trucks were built to create a heavy duty impression on the customers. However, their use in movies gave them the extra needed push towards popularity.

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GMC Topkick C4500

GMC Topkick C4500