The Six Most Iconic Motorcycles from the Movies

A fine motorcycle is a thing of beauty and people in the film industry know it - having an epic bike compared with some means of transport can also add value and fame to the film, the actors, the directors and the bike itself. Here are our six iconic motorcycles:

Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R from The Biker Boys (2003)
This motorcycle is manufactured by Suzuki. Its engine is Inline Four, 4-Stroke, DOHC with capacity of 1298cc .The motor highlights Suzuki's SDTV fuel infusion framework with double 12-opening, fine-splash injectors every chamber and a ram air admission with huge volume air box. The power of the engine is held under control by a correspondingly fit six-rate transmission. This motorbike likewise have multi-plate, wet grasp framework. It has power of (102 lb-ft). 7000 rpm and torque  (99.0 lb-ft). 7100 rpm.

BMW K1300 from Dhoom 3 (2014) 
This motorbike is included due to its Torque and Power. The BMW K 1300 likewise advantages from the remarkable change and updating of the straight-four power unit, now expanded in capacity from 1,157 to 1,293 cc. More dynamic, especially at lower and medium motor rates, on account of the increment in motorbike capacity. Engine’s yield 173 hp at 9,250 rpm, most extreme torque 140 Newton-meters (103 lb-ft) at 8, 250 rpm. Its torque is increased now by more than 10 Nm (7.4 lb-ft) the displacement from 2,000 to 8,000 rpm.

Harley Davidson XL 1200C from Wild Hogs (2007)
This motorcycle runs on a Evolution V-Twin and its ability is 1202 cc. It has electronic ignition framework. Also, gearbox is dependent upon 5-rate, wet multi-plate clutch system. If we look at force, it has greatest power 67.7 hp (horse power) at 5680 rpm and most noteworthy torque is  96 Nm (72.9 lb-ft) at 3,750 rpm.

1977 Kawasaki KZ1000  from Mad Max (1979)
This is one of the classic era motorbikes with momentous specs. Along these lines, it is incorporated in this rundown. This bike is containing four chamber boxer, four-stroke with force 85.00 hp (62.0 kW) at 8000 rpm and Torque 8.30 Nm (6.1 lb-ft) at 7000 rpm. It additionally contains 5-speed transmission. Its grasp framework is likewise wet, multi-disc. Limit or relocation is likewise not terrible at 1015 cc.

Y2K from Torque (2004)

The "Jet Turbine" Y2K bike in this film is owned by Jay Leno. It's an MTT Turbine SUPERBIKE, powered by a Rolls-Royce Allison 250 turboshaft engine commonly used in helicopters. MTT designed the first turbine-powered street legal motorcycle and called this powerful production bike the Y2K Jet Bike. 


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MAD MAX - 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000

MAD MAX - 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000