Should I buy a motor scooter?

Should I buy a scooter? YES!
In the present day world, to commute is to live. Everyone has to commute either to work, school or home. It is inevitable to ignore this basic necessity of modern life. Many people prefer public transport for long as well as short distance commute around the world, yet in Brisbane, many people want to be independent in their transportation needs and hence they go for a motor vehicle. But the independence is staring to be overshadowed by the problems of the ever increasing prices of fuel and the cars themselves, the traffic jams and of course - the choice and cost of parking. So if you, along with so many others, are starting to feel the frustration of owning a car - but still want the independence and freedom --- time to buy a scooter!

Scooters are cheap:
Scooters are quite inexpensive and affordable. One does not have to save a lot of money to get one. Neither have you had to set up a jar labeled ‘money to buy scooter.’ A brand new one is going to be the best buy but in the case of used scooters, a well maintained used scooter can also prove to be as effective as a new one.

Scooters do more miles on less gas:
Scooters are mostly fifty five cc by their engine capacity. This means a lot of miles on very little amount of gas. They literally sniff gas and a full tank can take you as far as almost five hundred miles. This feature is the most attractive one and is one of the leading reasons that people buy scooters.

Scooters are easy to maintain:
Unlike motor vehicles, scooters do not really have an expensive as well as extensive maintenance procedure. They need the usual change of motor oils and a few filters. All of these components are only required after every one thousand miles so we can say that maintenances are few and far between as well as quite cheap.

Scooters are agile:
When we say agile, we say literally easy to maneuver and a piece of cake to find a parking spot. In the hustle and bustle of city during rush hour it becomes quite frustrating to sit in the car and look at the situation unfold in front of you. While a person on scooter can easily enter the city swiftly, park his scooter without any hassle and mind about his work rather than worrying about the traffic.

Scooters are easy to own:
Scooters do not have an extensive process for registering for insurance and to submit the extensive file work constituting of numerous documents. Owning a scooter is as easy as walking in to the scooter showroom and driving the scooter out of it.

Scooters are cool:
Although usual opinion about scooters is that they are old school and they are usually owned by people who are dull and boring but let me tell you that there is nothing uncool about it. There is no comparison of a person swiftly riding his scooter to work or office. Scooters are a class of persona which has been misinterpreted over the last few decades. Scooters are always a head turner.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a scooter right away and get back on the track for fun that you have been missing out for so long!



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