How to stay safe when riding a motorcycle

Statistics say that in 2007 for every billion kilometre travelled, 21 car drivers are killed in accidents in comparison to 1141 motorcyclists. It is very obvious that when a motorcycle crashes the driver gets hurt and in most of the cases they die or become paralysed for the rest of their life. However, the chances of these horrific two-wheeler calamities are preventable, even if for the unavoidable accidents, if precautions taken properly the driver may escape fatal injuries.

Try to ride in a free mind:
Motorbikes are very much emotion sensitive vehicles. The best possible primary protection against any harm should be a clear mind when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Always remember that if you are sick, feeling tired, distracted or emotional it would be wise to leave your motorcycle in garage until you are back in your happy and lucid state again. Otherwise, it is very likely for you to make a tiny mistake that can lead to some huge consequences.

Check the vital stats of your ride:
Before any ride a quick safety inspection of your motorbike is always recommended for a safe journey. It is the Tires, Controls, Lights, Oil, Chassis and Stands of your motorcycle. Remember the acronym and always give it quick check on those gears that might save your life. Studies show that many of the motorcycles accidents happen due to problems of the ride. Other than that this quick check might also save you from being stranded on highways for awry machine.

The slower the better:
A wise biker always remembers that speed leaves you few options to correct any kind of errors. A study shows that 35% of motorcycle accidents in 2008 caused due to high speed driving. In higher speed most of the drivers misjudge the speed on road curves. As a result they simply drive off the road causing a certain death. However, if still you have the adrenaline calling you for rocketing to the speed of light, we would suggest you to join a racing club and accelerate within closed tracks.

At intersections you must inspect:
Intersections are always considered dangerous and have potential risks of accidents. Most of the time is has been observed that the car drivers just don't notice the biker coming and make left turns right in front of them resulting in collision. Therefore always stay alert of the other cars driving nearby, mostly when going through intersections. Remember to slower your speed and inspect all the vehicles carefully that are coming from the opposite direction. If you find any of them tends to turn left then wisely prepare for protective tactics.

Wear a good quality full face helmet:
Although helmet laws vary by state and country, not wearing it may leave you with potential life threats. Moreover, you just can't wear any helmet. Full face helmets are approved to confirm your safety standards.

Go slow, ride defensively and keep your eyes on the roads to have nice ride off to your desired destination instead of hospitals. 

For more information about helmets - Important Things To Consider When Buying Motorcycle Helmets

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Learn how to ride safe and stay safe on a motorcycle at IAN WATSON'S

Learn how to ride safe and stay safe on a motorcycle at IAN WATSON'S