BUYING A USED MOTORCYCLE - five things to consider when buying a bike

Buying a used motorcycle is common today, since not everyone can afford to buy a new one. Afterall, a used motorcycle can deliver what a new one can. However, there are basically five things to consider before buying a used motorcycle. Below are the five things to consider;

1.  The Type of Motorcycle - It is best to have an understanding of what type of motorcycle you would like. Would you like a sport bike, an easy as you go touring bike, a get around town scooter, a flying through the air or trudging through the mud off-road bike, or maybe a laid back cruiser. A lot of it will rely on what you need the motorcycle for, how long your rides will last, and exactly how long you intend on keeping that specific ride.

2.  Private Party vs. Dealerships - Private sellers of used motorbikes are always full of stories.  You can easily get caught up by their stories, and quite be entertained by the seller. Many of the accounts I have encountered are invaluable, however do not get too caught up in it. He might be a nice, humorous guy, but ultimately you are there to shop, and maybe buy. Shopping for motorbikes is pretty simple nowadays on the web with ,  and even . This might be the simplest place to begin to make a list of the motorbikes you are looking for before you contact the seller.

Dealerships will often charge reduced price for used motorcycles. There exists a specific confidence that comes with buying from a dealer. Some will give you short warranties but even if they don't, at least there is a place to go and bitch if something should go bad. There is also an overhead than a guy selling a bike out of his garage and they'll have to make their own commissions. One good thing about purchasing used motorbikes from a dealer is they usually have first hand information on the motorcycle you are thinking about buying. 

3. Ride and Inspect What You Want To Buy - You will need to give the motorbike a great going over before buying, and even have your mechanic come with you if you are closing to laying down the cash. 

Things to consider when inspecting includes;

  • Brakes - Pads, hoses, rotors, fluids
  • Chain and sprocket - Chain tight or stretched, oiled properly, any bent or broken teeth on the rear sprocket?
  • Electrical - Lights working, headlight hi and low working, turn signals work, horn works.
  • Engine – Are there any leaks? Is the oil dark? Listen for valve clutter or strange noises when running.
  • Exhaust - blowing smoke may be a blown gasket.
  • Gas tank – Are there any rust? Rust in the tank can mean rust in your cabs, not a good thing.
  • Wheels - How are the tyres worn? Are they cracking?

4.  Request for the Service Record - If a used motorbike is well taken care of, it will have the service records to prove it, and will save you bucks later on. Thus find out if things like the chain and sprocket have been well taken care of, oil changed correctly and timely, tyres inflated accurately, and if routine maintenance has been carried out. 

5.  Negotiation - Like anybody you might be going into this search for a "new to you" motorbike with a budget. And you also most likely have that budget for a reason, so try to adhere to it. Do not commit to buying unless you are comfortable with the price, the bike and the seller. If you are interested in the bike, check to see if the mileage matches up to paperwork. If everything fits up the way you desire, seal the deal, zip up your leathers, put some foam on your dome, and enjoy your new ride!

BONUS TIP >>> be sure to understand the class of bike RE or R and make sure you have the right licence to ride it. If you need any training or a licence - contact IAN WATSON’S.

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How to buy a used motorcycle

How to buy a used motorcycle